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Why Exhibit



2018.5.16 (Wed)-5.18 (Fri)


Move In

2018.5.13 (Sun)-5.15 (Tue)


Move Out

2018.5.18 (Fri) 16:30 – 20:00
2018.5.19 (Sat) 09:00 – 17:00



Expo Plaza, Xiandai Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou Jiangsu Province, China Map



Center of Strait Economy & Science-Tech Coop.



Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA)


Show Operators

Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.

TPCA (Eastern China office)

TPCA (Southern China office)

TPCA Technology Consulting (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Strait Advertising Co., Ltd.

Paper Communication Exhibition Service


Supporting Organizations

Eastern China PCB Friendship Association

Southern China PCB Friendship Association


Main Exhibits


  1. Rigid PCB, IC Substrate, Multi-layer PCB, FPC, Rigid Flex etc.
  2. PCB Intelligent & Automatic Processing Equipment   
     - Wet/Dry Processing Equipment, PCB Test Equipment
  3. PCB Advanced Material Technology   
     - Raw Materials & Chemicals
  4. Peripheral Equipment & Components


SMT & Electronic Assembly

  1. Processing Equipment, Materials & Chemicals
  2. Parts Attachment Equipment for Assembly
  3. Testing & Quality Control Equipment
  4. Peripheral Equipment, Electronic Circuit Packaging Equipment, Materials & EMS


Intelligent Automation

  1. Intelligent Automation Equipment, Components & Materials
  2. Automation Control Equipment


※ The organizer reserves the right to review and revise without prior notice.


Booth Rental


Booth Type
(each booth=9 sqm)
Non-TPCA Member TPCA Member
Standard Booth RMB 11,700 RMB 9,725
Raw Space RMB 11,000 RMB 9,025



  1. Membership Application:
    1. Taiwan- Ms. Akina Wu, Tel: 886-3-3815659#205
    2. China- Ms. Jenny Yan, Tel: 86-512-68074151#712
    3. Mr. Paul Tseng, Tel: 86-755-27669617#804
  2. If pay by USD, please refer to the exchange rate of the payment request date.
  3. Standard Booth is equipped with:
    3 x Partitions, Carpet, Company Fascia, 2 x Spot Lights, 1 x Information desk, 2 x Chairs, 1 x 13Amp Single phase socket (with 500W non-lighting electrical supply).
  4. Raw Space does not include above equipment.


Booth Selection

  1. Down payment or full payment must be made before the booth selection process.
  2. The booth selection will be carried out in two stages: Stage I for over 10 booths; Stage II for under 10 booths.
  3. Exhibitors shall select booth location according to the below priority: Booth Size > Application Date > Priority Point > Booth Rental Payment Date
    ※ Priority Point is the sum of booth rented in CTEX 2018, 2017 and 2016, TPCA SHOW 2017 and 2016.


Joint Exhibition

  1. Companies are allowed to join the exhibition together only when their products are correlative and connected.
  2. Joint exhibitors possess the right of the independent advertisement.
  3. Each booth will be imposed extra 5% advertisement fee.
  4. Exhibitor who applies for joint exhibition must submit the application separately and shall be accepted after judging and examining by the organizer.


Payment Terms

  1. 40% of payment is required within 30 days after application. To entitle the first stage of booth selection. (Executer will give notice to pay, either in cheque or by T/T.)
    1. If pay by cheque, deposit date should be made out to the same month as application date (sight bill).
    2. If pay by T/T, remittance should be made in the same month as application date, applicant should be responsible for all bank charges, and provide the payment receipt to the operator (states the applicant’s company name)
  2. The 60% remaining should be paid within 20 days after confirming the booth location (Operator will give notice to pay, either in cheque or by T/T)
    1. If pay by cheque, the balance must be paid before Mar. 31, 2018(sight bill).
    2. If pay by T/T, balance must be paid before Jan. 31, 2018 Applicant should be responsible for all bank charges, and provide the payment receipt to the executer (states the applicant’s company name)
  3. The full payment is required for applications after Jan. 1, 2018


Cancellation Policy

  1. No refund if the down payment has been paid.
  2. Exhibitors who have made payments and cancel before Feb. 28, 2018, shall be eligible for a 60% refund of the total booth rental fee. Cancellation after Mar. 1, 2018 shall receive no refund.



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