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Established in 1985, Chan Chao International Enterprise Group is Taiwan’s leading professional exhibition company, and focuses on the organization of large-scale trade and consumer exhibitions, having a broad perspective and a commitment to in-depth levels of industry promotion. Chan Chao International works alongside local governments and associations to organize world class events and cultivate professional talent, giving limitless possibilities to the power and reach of exhibitions in people’s lives.


Chan Chao International is made of a group of enthusiastic and professional exhibition curators, who have variety of sincere personalities and who are great at coordinating and listening to the different voices of our customers. We insist on treating our customers like family, convinced that love and faith can preserve our creativity and human touch!


In addition to being the organizer and authorized agent to a variety of domestic and international exhibitions, Chan Chao International also publishes a trade show magazine and manages a cloud-based online exhibition network, and is actively developing a comprehensive marketing system for trade shows. Currently, Chan Chao International Enterprise Group is comprised of five companies in Taiwan and one in Hong Kong, as well as company branches in Shanghai and Saigon, and their main businesses consist of the following:


What We Create



Company Name
Main Business
Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.
Established in 1985/10/15. Organizes and serves as authorized agent for various types of trade shows in Taiwan and abroad.
The Material Handling and Logistics
Established in 1995/08/15. Publishes specialty magazine on logistics / Organizes logistics exhibitions. >>Website
SLP Fairs & Exhibitions
Established in 1996/04/17. Serves as authorized agent for overseas trade shows.
Inforchain Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Established in 2000/05/01. Manages the design and construction of a professional website, and publishes a trade show magazine, CDs, and advertisements in publications.
Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd.
Established 2003/10/17 in Hong Kong, organizes various types of overseas trade shows. >>View video
GIE Information Corporation
Established in 2009/03/11. Consultancy firm that provides system integration, architectural design, technical support, and software development services for enterprises. >>Website


Who we are


  1. A leader with a clear objective - a professional perspective help you capture international markets
  2. A pioneer with insight into the market - with precise vision and foresight into industry opportunities
  3. A sincere and selfless partner - a service business with a sincere attitude
  4. A resource-rich think tank - a multiple variety of services and a strong leadership team
  5. A value-for-money database - a refined source of industry information that can optimize your business